Monday, March 31, 2008

Latest interview experience

Yesterday I interviewed one candidate. Before I get into the details of the interview, a brief background about the candidate.

MCA (Masters in Computer Applications) - from SRM university, Chennai., prior degree - BCA( Bachelors in Computer applications) - together adding up to a whopping 6 years of core computer science(?) education!

As usual, I started with ” Since you are a fresh candidate with no work experience, I would like to limit the topics covered in this interview to your top two favourite subjects [not including programming languages]”. He chose DBMS and Data structures.

Data structures: I asked him to insert an element into an existing array. Despite repeated hints and suggestions, he failed to answer the question. Questioning on data structures over, I moved on to DBMS (purely out of curiosity to see how bad it can get).

Q: “What is database normalization?”

A: It is the decomposition of programs for improved efficiency and reduced redundancy ! (Huh!?)

Programs? Is it anything to do with programs or are we talking about tables? Apparently he was quite sure that it was program he meant. Quite obviously some of the words he had read had remained in his brain, just not in the right order or context.

What to do?

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