Friday, April 25, 2008

Ten things that will help you land your first tech job

  1. Show up for the interview. Arrive on time or even a little early for your interview. If you are late, the message is that you are not interested.
  2. Inform the relevant person that you have arrived. Don't hide in some corner trying to blend with the wallpaper. With so many "No shows" nowadays, nobody will come looking for you.
  3. Introduce yourself with a bright smile. Don't behave as though you are doing the employer a favour by attending the interview.[You may be nervous, but try and be cheerful]
  4. Keep a copy of your resume ready. If you are confident, say that you intentionally did not print your resume on paper because you want to be carbon friendly. Take your resume in a pen drive or a CD instead.
  5. Have some favourite (Academic) subjects which you are comfortable with. Since you are fresh out of college, you obviously don't have any work experience. So the only thing that you can be questioned on is what was taught to you in school/college. Better that they question you in the areas of your strength than on other subjects. So state clearly the 2 or 3 subjects that were/are your favourite areas so that the interviewer asks questions around these topics.
  6. Know your subject in these areas. If, after several years of education, you cannot answer basic questions in your favourite areas, nobody will believe that you can be taught anything, ever.
  7. If you know, answer. If you don't know but think you can guess, say so and then try your answer. If you haven't a clue, make that clear too.
  8. Be aware of the latest happenings in your industry. Know about blogs, twitter, techcrunch, social networking, SAAS, AJAX, or whatever else is the latest craze.
  9. Have other active interests and hobbies. Show that you are having/pursuing an interesting life. Browsing and watching TV are not hobbies.
  10. Keep your phone on silent during the interview. Don't answer calls. I have had people answer their phone in the middle of an interview and saying (to their current boss, presumably) that they are having lunch with a friend. No one will recruit a liar.
  11. Bonus: Stick to the truth, always. This is non-negotiable.

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