Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why am I talking about my son's education here?

Last week, I went to my son's school and collected all his books for next year (he is going to class 6). Yesterday, I happened to look at his science text book. Every page has typos and grammatical errors. There must be over a hundred errors in that book alone! I am yet to see how many factual errors there are (Will post on that too, later). In one place, for "insulating tape" they have printed "insulting tap". Despite the anguish I was feeling, my son and I were rolling on the ground laughing. Imagine opening a tap at home and it says "idiot"!

But this is no laughing matter. The book is called "Learning elementary science - For class 6", published by Goyal Brothers Prakashan, New Delhi. Its in its fifth edition. My son and I are planning to collate all the mistakes and write to CBSE, NCERT and the publisher. If you are reading this and are concerned, please take some time and do the same.

But why am I writing about it in this blog? What relevance does it have to the job market?

Well, as employers we are all constantly bemoaning the lack of qualified engineers and employees. But can we expect any better if the fundamental education is so bad and the attitude so lackadaisical?

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gazeblane said...

just imagine the gaffes and mistakes we had to traverse and encounter on our way to this present state of our being , the eighties text books and the earlier years were replete with hilarious mistakes, like the one u saw in ur sons text. Lets atleast dream to make the present slightly better for the buding genenration , for them to bloom more colourfully in future .