Sunday, May 11, 2008

An appropriate parable

A long time ago, the parable goes, in a land just like our own, was a rich and prosperous kingdom, ruled by a benevolent and intelligent king. The land was fertile, the education system was good, and trade with the neighbouring kingdoms highly profitable. In short, the people of that land, all lived a good life.

One day, the king decided to check how good his people were. So he told them that he would like each family to donate one pot of milk for a yagna to bring more prosperity to their kingdom. He then kept a huge drum in the temple and asked each family to bring one pot of milk that night and pour into the drum.

Overnight all the families came one by one and by morning the drum was full. However, when the king checked the drum in the morning, he was heartbroken to find that it contained mostly water with just one or two cloudy patches to indicate that some (very little) milk had also been poured in. Obviously, most of the people had assumed that their pot of water would go unnoticed in the whole drum of milk and had brought water instead of milk.

Thus the pot contained mostly water and whatever milk a few good souls had brought was also lost due to the miserly acts of the majority.

This parable is a good analogy to the state of most of our current job sites. With millions of resumes in each database, people assume that whatever falsifications they do in the resumes would go unnoticed.

However, all they are doing is diluting the quality of the entire database of resumes and making extraction of the good resumes within nearly impossible, thereby diluting the credibility of each and every resume within the database.

I don't know what the king did, but I think I have a few ideas that may just work...

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