Monday, May 5, 2008

Productivity and happiness

For many people, going to the office is borderline misery. To them it is an unavoidable activity that needs to be performed, however unpleasant it may be - kind of like having to take a leak midway through a beer session - only more time consuming.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Let us look at one common complaint that people have and the steps that can be taken to avoid it.

"I am spending 12 hrs a day at work and my boss still complains that the work done is not enough!"

Now, if this happens only rarely (like during sudden unforeseen times of increased demand), then it may be ok. But if this situation extends for long periods of time then the possible reasons could be:
a. Your boss is an as**ole.
b. You are not spending your time productively

While it is convenient to choose option (a), that may not be the sole reason. If it is, remember life is too short to work under an as**ole. Quit now and find some other work place.

If you think some part of your problem is due to reason (b), then we are already on our way towards the solution.

Making the 12hrs into 14hrs in NOT the way. This is a classic case for "less is more". Here's what you need to do:

First, get a life. Find something interesting that you have to do every day or at least most days. It could be anything that you already have a passion for. Then, decide that you will stay in the office only for 8 hrs. This will make you focus on the things you need to get done so as to get out in time to do that which interests you. Once you start prioritizing big chunks of your time, you will become adept at prioritizing and scheduling the smaller bits that make up the bigger chunks. Soon you will be able manage your time better. And that is the secret to productivity.

A Life + productive work = happiness.

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