Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Job sites and privacy issues (2)

Another question that crops up frequently is
Does fudging my contact details on my online resume reduce my credibility?

The answer, most definitely, is YES! In fact, fudging leads to more than just diminished credibility, it could actually take you to jail! Fudging any part of your resume is a big no-no. Your curriculum Vitae or resume is a sacrosanct document which typically ends with
I hereby declare that the information I have provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge
followed by your signature. While this does not make your resume a legal document, your employment contract is most definitely a legal document and it is based on the belief that the resume is factually accurate.

Given the fact that this method of "privacy protection" is used quite often on online job sites, most employers try to rationalize this behaviour. Nevertheless, on deeper probing many of them do agree that at least at a subconscious level, some amount of credibility of the person (who has done the fudging) diminishes.

Let's look at this from the potential employer's perspective.

It is only natural for a potential employer to think "if he has fudged this, what else would he have fudged?" With that thought, in one fell swoop, your entire credibility goes down the drain. Guilty until proven innocent!

Additionally, no matter what the realities of today's corporate world may be, it is difficult for most employers to understand why people have to hide the fact that they want to move on to another job. Remember, they face this situation every day in their own offices with people leaving for one reason or another (however legitimate the reasons may be). So they have been in a situation before where one or more of their employees started looking out for another job while working there. So it does not take a great amount of imagination to figure out that they will think "If she is doing that in that company, what makes us feel she won't do the same thing here?". There goes your trustworthiness, even before day one at the new job!

There is no point in starting the rest of your career on the back foot. Don't make the mistake of fudging your resume. If your job site does not provide adequate legitimate means of privacy protection, dump them and go elsewhere.

Like I said before, fudging your resume, for any reason, is a no-no!

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