Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What do you do at work?

My home desktop's monitor died on me recently. I called Dell customer service and had the best customer support interaction ever!

The customer service agent, let us call her Anu, took down the monitor's serial number and after a few seconds told me that my warranty had expired 20 days earlier. I asked her if I could extend the warranty now and still have the monitor covered. She said she would check and was gone for about 3 minutes while I waited impatiently, all the time cursing my luck with gadgets which seemed programmed to die immediately after warranty expires. Just as I was beginning to think that she was never going to come back, she said "I'll tell you what; I just had a chat with my manager and this is what I'll do - I will replace your monitor as part of the existing warranty and then you can call the warranty department and extend your warranty at your convenience, if you so wish. How does that sound?"

I was obviously overjoyed and agreed to it whole-heartedly. She asked for another couple of minutes while the system registered the details during which time she continued talking to me about other things with genuine interest.

The very next day, at half past nine in the morning, I had a spanking, brand new monitor on my desk!

If somebody asks her what she does at work, she can truthfully say "I keep our clients happy by providing friendly and efficient customer services".

So, what do you do at work?

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