Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Power to the team leads

How many times have you, as a team lead, explained at great length to the HR department about the kind of people you want to recruit for your team, only for them to come back with a “short-list” of a few hundred candidates?

I know this can be frustrating, but for a second, look at it from the HR’s position. If your requirements are very specific, the HR personnel do not find any candidates (because the search criteria used is too narrow) and if you have painted a broad picture, there are thousands of matches.

Obviously, the HR executive is not in the best position to decide which search criteria to relax and which ones not to. So who is in the right position?


That’s right! Nobody knows exactly what you are looking for better than you. So, go talk to your company today. Get them to let you choose your own people. Use your contacts and network. In no time, you will have the best team in the company.

Go ahead, make your day!

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