Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cost of experience

So, what is the cost of experience today? I heard from a past colleague yesterday that it is about Rs. 10,000 for each year of experience. Don't understand?

Let me explain. Let's say a person has not found a job even two years after finishing college. Since he does not have any work experience, he does not get any offers. But he needs a job to get work experience. A classic catch-22.

Enter, a company that is willing to give him a service letter that states that he has worked with them for the last two years – with project descriptions to boot. At a price, though – for each year of experience that he wants the service letter to state, he needs to pay Rs. 10,000.

I have heard short-sighted people say that this is a victim-less crime. "After all, it has improved a person's employment-worthiness", they say.
Not only are people who have worked hard to gain experience deprived of a well deserved opportunity, the employer has also been hoodwinked into employing an experience-less, most probably unqualified, highly UNETHICAL individual. Who knows what he will get up to once he gets hold of confidential information during the course of his work?

Obviously, we need the law enforcement agencies to nail these fraudsters. But, I don't see that as the whole solution. We need to be able to prevent these unethical companies from plying their wares. NOW.

What we need is a decent credibility checking mechanism – for individuals and companies; a way to blacklist companies that are into such unethical practices; a way by which employers can share such information with each other.

Are there any providers of such facilities out there? In India? In the US? Anywhere else in the world?

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