Monday, October 20, 2008

How to avoid getting laid off

During difficult times like these, layoffs become commonplace. Companies layoff people not only to improve their chances of survival, but also because there is no significant backlash to layoffs at these times.

So, as an employee, what should you do to remain employed?

To start with, work as hard as you can.
No only does this help keep your company afloat, it also makes you a more valuable resource.

Stay where you are.
In many companies, the first people to get laid off are the people who have joined recently. If you have been with a company for a long time, now is not the time to switch, no matter how good the new offer may be.

Don't even look for a new job while still employed.
During these uncertain times, it is tempting to line up a backup plan, just in case. However, there can be unhelpful side effects. For example, if you post your resume on some job site and your current employer comes to know, then when it is time to make the layoff list, they will add your name to it - after all, you were planning to leave anyway, right?

Don't, not even for a moment, think that the thin privacy blanket provided by most online job sites will be sufficient to hide you from your current employer. Employers are a lot smarter than you think and there are a couple of simple methods to find out about your presence on popular jobs sites like naukri, monster and others.
Remember, your resume will not be seen only if your company uses its account to search the database. If your company uses somebody else's account, you will be seen. For example,
1. Many top employers use multiple recruiters to help in acquiring candidates. It is easy for an employer to ask one of the recruiters to check on a regular basis for "All employees from currently updating their resume". The recruiter would be more than happy to oblige.
2. Company HRs are a close-knit group and very often exchange job site account information so that they can see who among their employees is active seeking employment elsewhere.

So, if the job site provides a "complete stealth" mode, continue. Otherwise, the best thing to do is to not touch your profile on job sites, or even delete your account, if possible.

If there is talk of voluntary pay cuts, be ready to volunteer.
Some companies take this route, though it is usually a pre-cursor to layoffs. The best thing to do is to be open to this idea as the chances are pay-cuts and layoffs are in all probability inevitable anyway.

If you are currently unemployed, grab any opportunity that comes along.
This is not the time to be choosy. Some of the opportunities, especially with startups, may be more lucrative in the long run. Interesting times require interesting action.

In summary, if you wish to stay employed, just hunker down and let the current crisis pass.

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