Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who to believe?

There is an article on rediff today that proclaims
IT firms are back and hiring big time!
Says Som Mittal, President, National Association of Software and Services Companies, while reflecting on the economic crisis that has ravaged the entire world:

Do such adjustments mean compromising on salaries?

They do. But then isn't getting a slightly less salary better than being jobless. Also, as I said before, the impact of the slowdown is only temporary. It will pass soon, may be within a couple of years and things would look much brighter then.

Also, let me put on record, IT companies are back at campuses, hiring big time.

Follow this link for the original.

No corroboration, no references, no quotes,... is it just to make people feel good? Will it work? Unlikely based on the comments and feedback under the article.

What gives?

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