Friday, December 5, 2008

Laid off before joining!

Well over 80% of the fresh graduates who get job offers every year are recruited through campus recruitment drives. This year has been no different. Medium and large companies have gone to all the top tier and second tier colleges and "recruited" thousands of fresh graduates.

Like in recent years, the graduates who have passed the tests and interviews have all been given not offer letters but "letters of intent to induct at an apprpriate time". When the appropriate time will be is anybody's guess.

There is an article in Hindu Business line that talks about candidates given such letters in May (or even earlier) this year who are yet to join. In fact one company alone, which has "recruited" over 13,500 students, has yet to induct over 9000 of them! This company is not the only one. Most of the companies have been slow to induct their "recruits".

For the students, on the threshold of their careers, this is like getting laid off before even joining. Many of them are waiting patiently for the promised letters and hence are not even looking out for other opportunities. The bitter truth is, given the market condition today, many of them may never get their joining letters.

There is no point in blaming companies alone for this situation, for they have their own problems to solve. Not even the biggest and the greatest companies have been spared - why, even google is tightening its belt.

I urge every youngster to start actively looking out for a job now, irrespective of whether you have an offer letter or not.

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