Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Layoffs by any other name...

An ex-employee of one of my previous companies called me today. He wanted to know if that company still existed (it does). It has been over 7 - 8 years since he left that company and joined the MNC where he currently works. So the sudden interest in my old company piqued my curiosity.

Apparently, his company(a very large MNC) has suddenly started scrutinizing the profile/resume, including previous employment and education records, of every existing employee . This chap (who has been working in that MNC for the last 7 years!) thinks this is a witch-hunt to layoff people on frivolous grounds. I cannot agree with him more.

And this is not the first (nor the only) company to do so. I am seeing this two-step process more and more often. The process is very simple.
1. Scrutinize the profiles and past data. Kick out people with discrepencies. If layoff number are met, end the exercise. If not proceed to step 2.
2. Scrutinize all expense reports, trip reports, sick leave, blog writings,... Kick out people with discrepencies.
Repeat until numbers are met.

Does this happen in other countries also? I don't mean layoffs - those happen everywhere - I mean disguising layoffs as firings (purportedly due to performance
or conduct).

There is another article in here about the multiple ways in which corporate India is screwing people in this current economic situation. And the cultural and political compulsions that are leading them to do so. Coming soon...

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