Thursday, January 1, 2009

Why are you not getting responses to your job applications?

This is a question that is being asked more and more often these days! The answer is not that complicated, if you understand how the online job boards work (or don't).

1. Fake candidates

Bad news -Your application is getting drowned by fakes
Surprised! You shouldn't be. While you are busy building your resume based on facts, there are thousands of candidates building theirs on fake credentials. While you are adding all that you know to your skills list, they are adding all that the companies are searching for into their skills list (even though they have no such skills). While you are entering the factual details of your education and employment records, they are faking theirs. While you are working on your single, definitive resume, they are uploading multiple profiles, under slightly different names.

They are doing it so that they appear high up in all searches made by potential employers. And in the process bury your resume somewhere beyond the 10th page of the search results where no employer ever goes!

Good News - Faking doesn't lead to a job
However, don't for a moment think that the fakers are getting all the jobs - the employers and the interviewers are not dumb. Over 99% of the fakers are caught out during interviews and are disqualified. But, they have already done the damage to you and the company by taking the interview slot that should have rightfully belonged to you. The main point to remember here is that those openings are still unfilled. You just need to find a way to reach them!

Solution - Distance yourself from the fakers
You need to build your credibility. Till recently, there were very few clear and easy ways of doing that. Which is why we started Here is how you can thwart the plans of the fakers - by proving that you are genuine in ways that they cannot.
a. Register on and spend some time to update your profile.
b. For every college degree that you have, connect to at least 5 of your classmates.
c. For every employment record, connect to at least 5 of your (past or current)colleagues, preferably including those you reported to.

Very easy to do, if you are a genuine candidate. Not so easy, if you are a faker. On, we have built an algorithm that determines how genuine a candidate is based on the nature and diversity of connections.

Once you have built a healthy score, you will start appearing higher up in search results as employers look at resumes with higher credibility first.

Read more about it here and here.

2. Fake job postings

Bad news - Many of the job postings are fake!
Surprised again?! At least now you know. The truth is, for some of the unscrupulous recruitment companies, this is an easy way to collect resumes. Advertise a few nonexistent jobs and collect all the responding candidate resumes.
So that they can show case a large resume database and hope a genuine opportunity comes along.

Good news - There are still good guys around
There are still a lot of genuine job postings by both genuine placement agencies and direct employers. You just need to find out which ones are genuine.

Solution - Check out the credentials
Look at the websites of the recruitment companies, ask your friends, call the recruitment company, write to their support addresses - basically check out the credentials of the recruitment company before you apply. If you are a candidate with less than, say, 5 years of experience, don't stop applying. So what if a few more recruiters have your cv? It will only do you good. Just adjust your expectations and understand that you may not get responses from many of them - that way you will not be disappointed.

3. Market conditions

Bad news - Job openings are limited in today's market condition
Everyone would have told you that this is the main reason why you are not getting responses. Not entirely true. While the number of job openings have come down, they have not come down so drastically. Every day, I hear companies lamenting the lack of good candidates.

Good news - There are always openings for the good guys!
There are always openings for good candidates - even in bad times such as now. Look for openings published by direct employers. There are still many around. Remember, many of the openings are not getting advertised so much (advertising cost a lot and the ad budget is one of the first things that gets chopped in a bad economy).

Solution - Utilize your network
The thing to do is to make sure you are aware of all the job openings that are available, whether advertised or not. The way to do that is to ask your network of connections if there are openings in their companies. Don't have a network? WRONG. If you have started building your credibility, you have started building your network. The people who enhance your credibility (your classmates, friends, and colleagues) are the ones who can spot the right openings for you.

Bottom line
Do not let the fakers stop you from finding your dream job. Use online tools such as to control your career. You have the power now.

Register on today and Make your career move!

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