Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good guys deserve to stand out!

The title of this post is one of the slogans used by an up-and-coming job site to promote their resume writing service. This is a service provided by most of the leading job sites today.

While I understand the compulsions of a company to create new services and revenue streams, I cannot understand how "resume writing" can be considered a service for anybody. A resume writing service on a job site is like a photo enhancement service on a matrimonial site!

Till about ten years ago, as an employer, I used to form a part of my opinion about the candidate based on how he has presented himself on the resume. I used to be able to get insights into the candidate's written communication skills, clarity of thought, language skills and other "soft" skills based on how well the resume was crafted. Mind you, I never cared for the aesthetics of the resume and have always been skeptical about the overly flamboyant and flowery ones.

Aishwarya Rai

Over a period, I noticed that the opinions I was forming based on the resume were getting more and more inaccurate. I soon realized that this was because somebody else was writing the resume. During this phase, because the resumes were of such good quality in terms of language and presentation, the real candidate would almost always fall short of expectation and hence be rejected [In retrospect, some of the candidates may have been selected had they not added additional baggage by way of setting my expectations high]. Going back to my matrimonial site analogy, if in your photo you looked like Aishwarya Rai, as a prospective groom, be sure that I would be sorely disappointed when I see you in person!

Once an interviewer feels cheated, there is very little you, as a candidate, can do to change the opinion of the potential employer in the available time. If the resume has been done by somebody else, how accurate is the data therein? How factually accurate are the accomplishments listed? Have they also been embellished? Your credibility is lost and your chances disappear even before the interview is half-way through!

Instead of providing services that give the best chance for both candidate and company to find the right match, these resume writing services end up as a dis-service to both parties.

Good guys definitely deserve to stand out. Just not through getting your resumes written by somebody else. There are many legitimate ways by which genuine candidates can stand out and distance themselves from the fakers. Check out JobsByRef.com to find out how. Read more about it here.

Remember, if you can write a fantastic resume yourself, there is no need to use a resume writing service. If you can't write one, getting somebody else to write one is almost always seen as a deception by the interviewer. Either way, outsourced resume writing is a service you don't want.

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Anonymous said...

How about just creating and updating your resume faster and easier? No embellishment; still your own ideas, etc. Using clunky word processing templates is a drag. It's about A)convenience and B)functionality like links to employers, etc., only having to enter your info once in simple little boxes. Great tool.

Anonymous said...

I dont think the person who writes the resume is anyday better than the individual..if someone is so goood at writing the resume..he would get a job himself/herself elsewhere where they would pay him/her more...by the way, have you actually treid the service yourself...mr.author?

Customize said...

Text resumes will be around for a long time. Because everyone can type.

But everyone cannot write a story or a poem.

So, there will also be a demand for expert / professional resume – writers, for a long time to come.

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With regards

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Employment Genius said...

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