Sunday, April 19, 2009

Using technology to improve referrals

In the previous post, I promised to show how technology can make the referral process even more effective. So here goes. Instead of the usual wordy blog post, I have decided to use some diagrams, for a change.

First, let's look at the standard referral process.

In addition, using his network, the active candidate can identify and enlist the help of the right referrer from within the potential employer's organization.

And finally, when a candidate applies directly, the company can use the network of its employees to find the employee closest to the candidate and enlist that employee's support in sussing out the candidate before making the offer or even taking the recruitment process forward.

As you can see, technology can be used to dramatically improve the performance of referral based recruiting by making the already active participants, that is the company and the candidate, push the passive actor perform his role as the referrer.


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