Monday, June 29, 2009

Your resume database is your enemy

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A lot of companies (and placement agencies) collect and maintain their own database of resumes, in the mistaken belief that this will help them identify the right talent faster. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Let me illustrate this with an analogy.

Assume you are running a pharmacy (drugstore/apothecary), and 75% of your stock is past its use by date. Assume also that you add your new stock into this same inventory and mix it up. Now tell me, do you think your shop will meet the demands of your customers, be profitable, or efficient?

Answer's very clear, isn't it? So how come you don't believe the same is true with your resume database. Each resume is equivalent to say, a capsule of medicine. It ages, obviously, because the resume is a static document which is nothing but a snapshot of the profile of a person at the time it was written. Its typical use by date is three months from the time it was written. Now if you have a steady stream of resumes being added to your database and you maintain these resumes for exactly 1 year in your database, that means that at any given time 75% of your database is outdated!

Collecting fast expiring resumes and storing them locally is the worst thing you can do. It's like hoarding perishables!

Now you may ask "what's the alternative? I still want to keep the list of people interested in joining my company and I need ready access to their skills and competencies".

Lucky you, there is an alternative. It's called Live Resumes and it's available on Simply put, a live resume is a resume in your database that is accessible to and maintained by the candidate. Did I hear you just say "Wow! Why didn't anyone think of this before"?

And that's just one of the features that makes unique. If you are a placement agency or an employer, check out You will never need another site for any of your talent identification and acquisition needs.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My interview in Bangalore Mirror

Bangalore Mirror has carried my interview today in the business section (5th June 2009). You can check it out here.