Sunday, July 26, 2009

Advice for participants of the Virtual Pool Program at Satyam

As you know, Satyam, or Mahindra Satyam as it is called now, has created a virtual pool program(VPP) for over 7500 of its employees. As part of the program, the employees will remain on the rolls of Satyam for another 4 months. During this period they will be paid a reduced salary, but would not have to attend office. If during the next 4 months, there are openings in Satyam, then these employees belonging to the VPP will be given first preference and reinstated in their old position. If, however, no openings materialize, then at the end of the four months period, the VPP members may have to resign and find other employment.

While this is not a satisfactory situation for anyone - employees or company, it is one of the few options that Satyam has had given the market and company situation. In my mind, I am pretty sure that a majority of the people in the VPP will not get reinstated unless the global economy dramatically improves, which is quite unlikely, though there are signs of recovery.

So, I thought it may be a good thing to list down some of the things that Satyam employees reading this blog could do to help themselves.

First, realize the following:
1. That you come from a company that has been one of the top 5 delivery organizations.
2. The Raju fiasco and the downturn in the market has resulted in this situation and not your performance.
3. Satyam, the company is also not entirely to blame for this situation.
4. As a trained Satyamite, you are probably one of the better software engineers in India.
5. Given a choice between an ex-Satyam candidate and any other candidate, most software services companies would still prefer an ex-Satyam-ite.
6. There are always opportunities for good candidate in any market.
7. The market will definitely improve.

Now, do the following:
1. Build your network now.
2. Start looking out for opportunities.
3. Call and tell your friends that you are looking for openings.
4. Get your paper work in order [Your joining letter, service letter, recommendations from your boss,...]
5. Request your company to provide you with a copy of the credential verification report that they would have procured when you were hired.
6. Build your profile with all the details of the projects you have done.
7. Keep an eye out for all the job openings within Satyam, so that you can quickly identify those that you are suitable for.
8. Join thousands of your fellow VPP members on and dramatically improve your chances of finding your next job.
All the best.

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