Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Job applicants lie for financial jobs in the depths of the recession

Job applicants are attempting to deceive firms in the financial services more and more. And those turning to lies and embellishments to land jobs are the youngest applicants.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The fickle Indians

Last week, I visited a private arts and science college on the outskirts of Chennai to inaugurate their computer science association.

They have three courses related to computer science - BSc(Computer Science),B.C.A, and BSc (Information Technology). Since inception, these courses have been growing in demand, so much so that from the intial one batch they had, they have now grown to 3 batches each year in order to accommodate all the students opting for these courses!

Except this year. This year, due to the negative publicity that the IT industry has received, thanks to the economic downturn and the Satyam fiasco, there have been very few takers for these software related courses! This behaviour has been seen in other colleges also. Even reputed engineering colleges such as Guindy Engineering College and the IITs have not been spared. All these colleges have a few computer science seats still unfilled! Unheard of, since the dot com burst, of course!

This is one more symptom of the malais in the Indian psyche, culture and the education system. Most students seem to choose their courses not based on their interests but based on what is in the greatest demand in the job market.
This results in a skewed educated work force leading to myriad problems including
  • Intense competition for some courses leading to tension and stress among students
  • Lack of growth in some areas which are not as "job friendly"
  • A low diversity work force, making the economy dependent on the flourishing of a few industries and highly susceptible to any downturn in those industries
  • Complete lack of excellence in any industry
  • Lack of manpower in other areas of engineering, not to mention pure sciences.

All this leads to India remaining merely a labour force rather than a country aspiring to push the envelop of science and technology.

Will this ever change?
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