Monday, August 17, 2015

Living like there is no tomorrow

To all those who believe everything is fine with the world, to those that are constantly goading others to see the positive side of things, and to those that say nature will take care of us, here is some news - I am pissing on your parade.

Your belief that all is fine with the world is delusional.  Your "positivity" is not a strength of character to be proud of but escapism.  Your naive belief that nature will take care is misleadingly true - it will take care of itself, not you.

If only you pause for a moment and let those doubts that you have, but are denying, sink in you will surely realize that the way we are living is unsustainable.

In the eight months this year, we have consumed more than what the earth is capable of producing in an entire year.   The petrol and diesel that we are guzzling took  millions of years to produce.  The trees we cut in a day took decades to grow.  By 2030, we will need the produce of two entire Earths to sustain us for a year.  In case you are wondering, there is no other Earth.

If monsoon fails in India (and studies show that it is getting more erratic each year), the entire agrarian population will lose all its income and food costs around the world will go through the roof.

So stop being smug and start worrying.  Only then can we go on to the next stage.

If you live like there is no tomorrow, there surely won't be one!