Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A short allegory

A wonderful, kind and gentle mother has one son*. A few years later she gives birth to another son. Initially she gives more attention to her second child as he requires more support.  Sometimes, the elder one feels neglected, but the mother counsels him saying, "your brother is but a child, he needs more attention. Come, you also help me look after him".  The elder one understands and joins her in taking care of the little one.

After a few years, the younger one has grown up some, but being used to getting partial treatment, continues to demand more attention from the mother.  When there is a conflict between the two siblings, the mother chides the elder one and asks him to give in graciously.  "After all, he is your younger brother", she says.  The elder one quietly acquiesces.

As they get older, the younger child becomes more and more independent, but since it is a gradual process, the mother does not notice it and continues to favour him.  One day, the older child complains and the mother then realizes that, just maybe, she is being unfair to the elder one by continuing to be partial to the younger one.

She could react in two way. over-Compensate and become partial to the elder one, or become completely impartial and treat both children alike.

How she behaves now will dictate the relationship between the brothers going forward.

For the allegory challenged:
The mother is India,  the elder son is the majority Hindu population and the younger son is the minority population.

At what stage are the minorities in now?  Is India over-compensating? Will India learn to move towards becoming an impartial country with a level playing field for everyone? What do you think?

*N.B. I have not used daughters specifically because daughters are not treated well at all in India.  When will India provide gender equality is a question for another post.


Anonymous said...

As all ways,beautifully written,relevant and thought provoking.

sudhakarudu said...

On one hand we have an established reservation policy that is refusing to go away; even the patels want reservation! how do you move on, though reservation was given a specific period to last and then to be faded out, who is to bell the cat? If through `only political parties' then we need a new political party; what a wishful thinking!